2018 Treatment Program Summit Application

OPEN MINDS is hosting a new executive summit, “Designing & Implementing Innovative Treatment Programs,” on August 14, 2018, prior to The 2018 OPEN MINDS Management Best Practices at the Hilton in Long Beach, California.

OPEN MINDS is currently seeking case study presenters for this executive summit, who have already succeeded, or are in the process of designing and implementing innovative treatment programs for complex consumer populations. Applications will be accepted through March 30. After a review process, selected case studies will be announced in April 2018.

Applications will be accepted from provider organizations, payers, and vendors; however, payers and vendors will be required to feature one of their provider organization partners as focal point of the case study presentation.

Application to Present at The 2018 Innovative Treatment Program Summit

  • Description of Proposed Innovative Treatment Program

  • In less than 100 words describe your innovative program model.
  • Describe the details of your program model and its operations; include information about the program history; populations served, financing model, and staffing.
  • Describe the program's performance and any available data outcomes.
  • Describe key lessons learned through the implementation of the program and plan's for the program's future.