Clinical Talent Management Best Practices – Models For Workforce Recruiting, Retention & Talent Optimization: The OPEN MINDS 2023 Seminar

With a little nudge from the global pandemic, digital health care has changed the relationship between clinical professionals and consumers. While this transformation was happening before the pandemic, COVID simply forced it to occur more rapidly. So too, was the impact on the available workforce—COVID did not cause the shortage of health care professionals, but it did increase the gap and halt any efforts towards bridging it. As consumer demand and expectations continue to grow, executive teams must take a strategic approach to one of the most important resources they have—their talent.

During this seminar, executive attendees will take a deep-dive into today’s workforce climate and peer into future outlooks. Using The OPEN MINDS Playbook For Optimizing Workforce Recruitment & Performance, our faculty will share strategies for recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce as well as ways to improve organizational performance to support today’s workforce. Compensation models, benefits packages, and recruitment efforts have changed and executive teams need to understand today’s workforce—where they are, what they want, and what the competition is (hint, it isn’t just in health care). This can’t miss seminar is designed specifically for today’s health and human services landscape and the talent needed moving forward. Executive attendees will learn:

  • How to determine the best strategy for recruitment and retention
  • How to develop a performance-based compensation model and other options
  • Models for employee flexibility
  • How technology can improve optimization
  • How to become an “Employer of Choice”